Here’s How to Find a Creative Name That’ll Spark Customer Interest in Your Crafting Business

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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Although you’ve been thinking about this for a long time, you’re finally more than ready to embrace your artistic skills and transform your hobby into a strong craft business.

Yes, customers are drawn to beautifully crafted handmade products, whether they’re handmade furniture, jewelry, resin art, textile craft like embroidery, knitting, quilting, paintings, soap, organic perfumes, or even restorations.

But if your craft business must succeed, you need to ignite the passion and enthusiasm of your customers. The best path to achieving this is by choosing a compelling brand name that’ll spark your customer’s interest in your products. 

And today, we’re going to be revealing how to find the best name to capture the heart and soul of your crafting business.

These are the Three Best Ways to Select the Best Crafting Business Name

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  1. Start With Branding Your Crafting Business

The internet has been a huge game changer for new businesses. It has made it much easier for young crafting businesses to enter the market and showcase their products to the public with minimal effort and investments. 

However, this easy access also means increased competition. And if your crafted products must stand out from countless other products, they must be supported by a powerful brand identity. 

The best way to build your crafting brand is by studying the crafting market and discovering the fine details of how it works, understanding your core audience and what kinds of crafts appeal to them, identifying what you’re good at, and picking a niche where it’d be most effective.

Once you’ve understood your niche, start building your brand identity. You can do that by creating your crafting business’s mission, vision, long and short-term goals, and drafting your unique value proposition.

Understanding your brand identity will make it easier to brainstorm a creative business name or find the best brand names for sale on a naming platform.

That said, let’s take a deeper look at how you can find the perfect name that aligns with your crafting business’s brand identity.

  1. Start Gathering Creative Business Name Ideas

Once you’ve settled on the brand identity of your craft business, it’s time to decide on the best name idea that can capture the principles of your business.

Start by gathering your team—if you have one—and grab a few markers, a whiteboard, a notepad, and some refreshments. Inform them about the type of crafting business you're starting and allow them to start generating words that best embody the values of your crafting business.

However, if you're a solopreneur, don't allow the lack of a brainstorming team to deter you. Using a reputable company name generator can make finding a name that aligns with our brand’s values much faster. 

But if you’d rather build the names yourself, then feel free to take out a pen and paper—or your laptop—and begin jotting down every word that perfectly characterizes how you want customers to view your crafting business.

While searching, make sure you create short, straightforward, memorable words that reflect your brand's identity, genuinely connect with your consumers, and can evolve with your business.

Keep in mind that evaluating every name idea you craft throughout your brainstorming session might disrupt your creative flow. So, while brainstorming, focus on creating as many short and engaging company names as possible.

Understand that brainstorming can get tough and draining, especially if you are working alone. So, consider using the following naming tools to make the process easier:

  • Rhymes
  • Thesaurus
  • Business name generators
  • Common words in the crafting industry
  • Visual names, perhaps something related to colors

Make it your target while brainstorming to build a comprehensive list of 50 to 200 potential brand names. Write every name idea down. It makes no difference whether any of the names you created are strange or quirky.

Gathering a large number of prospective names will provide you with a large pool of names that correspond to the essential tone and personality of your crafting business. Once you’ve assembled your list, choose the best five to ten that reflect your company.

  1. Start Validating Your Name Ideas

We all hope that the top name on your list includes that excellent crafting business name you've been looking for! However, before you choose your perfect name, you must test it to confirm that it meets a few primary conditions.

Validating the names you've generated is the easiest way to verify whether it is the most effective name for your brand.

So, start confirming the names on your list by:

  • Using Customer Feedback: Choose the finest three names from your top ten list and test them with a small sample of your target audience.

You can get feedback from customers by running a simple poll on your website or email lists or even by asking people you meet at random places where your customers hang out.

Tell them precisely what you're attempting to accomplish and ask them for their genuine opinions. This would help you pick the strongest name while also learning why people like it.

If none of your top three names connects with them, go back to your top-ten list and choose the next best three options. Before deciding on a brand name, make sure you test every word on your list.

Evaluating your name with your target audience can reveal how effectively it connects with and attracts clients to your crafting brand.

  • Checking for a ‘.com' Domain: Your crafting business will struggle online without a fitting domain name and a visually appealing website.

As a result, you must check that any prospective name(s) you're contemplating has available social media handles on the key social media sites as well as an exact match “.com” domain name.

  • Trademark Registration: Registering your firm with the USPTO can help you avoid several legal issues in the future.

And because many known words have been protected with a trademark. So, using them as your brand name will result in costly legal difficulties.

Now, we recognize that the trademark registration procedure may be complex and time-consuming for many new founders. So it's ideal you enlist the assistance of a trademark attorney to help you safeguard your brand name.


Getting a compelling crafting business name will improve your brand’s performance, sales, and customer recognition and help your brand secure a strong place in the hearts of your customers and outperform other competing brands in your niche.

So be sure to choose a concise, original, intriguing brand name that portrays your company's essence.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding at, a 3X Inc. 5000 company and innovative naming agency. Squadhelp has examined more than a million names and created a list of the most memorable domain names on the internet. We are the leading crowdsource naming platform in the world, and our clients have included everyone from emerging startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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