The Ultimate Guide: Choosing Your Best Etsy Shop Name

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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There are many things to take into consideration when naming your business: from color schemes, to what you sell, to the feeling you want the customer to get from your store. Ideas for Etsy shop name are one of the most important parts of getting started. You want to be sure that you pick a name that will stand out in search engines and resonate with your target audience. In this article, we'll go through some guidelines on how to come up with ideas for names, and offer a few common words to mix and match as a DIY business name generator.

This guide will help you pick a new Etsy shop name for your business. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business a while, picking a new shop name is a good way to refresh your brand.

what goes on the bag? picking an etsy store name

Choose something descriptive for your Etsy shop

“The Vintage Bookshop” or “The Paper Company” might be generic, but they're pretty clear about what they sell. By adding an adjective here or there, you can generate some really cute shop names. “The Narwhal Paper Company” evokes a sea-themed business with patterned papers. No one will forget that catchy Etsy shop name.

Pick a name that matches your work. While it's great to have something edgy, charming, or cute for your business name, make sure the tone of the shop reflects the handmade items you sell. For example, if you are selling mostly coffee themed home goods, calling your Etsy Shop “The Coffee Roastery” will help customers know what you're doing. But if you name your Etsy shop “Wood Crafts Unlimited” and then only sell coffee – your customers will be left feeling confused. A memorable name is good, but it also has to be relevant to be among good business names.

Wowing people with your Etsy shop name

Your potential customers need to be wow'd by your Etsy store, and it really does start with the name. So, if you sell books, make sure books are in your title. If you sell stickers, throw “sticker shop” in there somewhere. It's much easier to change your name around when beginning your small business than it is to change your store name after the fact. A good Etsy shop stays consistent through the years, so customers can find you easily.

Choose something descriptive for your Etsy shop because it will help your customer feel things. You want to match your name with your customer's lifestyle.

etsy shop names need to be memorable

Make your products sound extra special

Are you an Etsy shop – or are you a boutique? They evoke different feelings. Are you the Cane River Bookshop or are you the Mighty River Bookshop Trading Co? One of them sounds like it's the nearest store to you, while the other sounds large with lots of options. Including words like “boutique” or “unique” is also a way to make sure that you have a unique brand and can develop your own website later on. The longer your business name, the more likely that you can find a domain starting with your shop name available. “” is definitely taken, but “” is probably not.

Using words like unique, hand made, one-of-a-kind, limited, seasonal, can all activate the customers who want to buy something because it's special. That's why they're on Etsy, right? They want something that is magical, not something that is “just cheap Chinese junk.” They want a gift for mom that she won't see in Walmart before it's wrapped under the tree at Christmastime. They want something that can hang on the wall for a decade or more, even if it's just a greeting card.

People shop on Etsy because they want something extra special – so name your shop something special, too.

Make sure your business name is specific, even if it's abstract

Be careful that you're not choosing words that might be misconstrued. For example, if you name your shop “Sally's Art Box”, people may click on it thinking that they can get a subscription box, or access to art supplies. It'd be weird if Sally was just selling prints and t-shirts. Abstract names are a double edged sword for this reason – they can stand out, but they can also be too vague.

“Sam's musings” is a cool blog title, but it sucks as a store name. Use your friends and family to help you realize when things are too abstract for your customers. Surveying the masses is a great way to get unbiased information outside of your own camp.

Abstract names can work, but make sure to review them with a neutral audience.

what's inside? a memorable etsy shop name

Use your name – as long as it's not too common

Using your own first or last name in your shop's brand is a great way to stand out. However, this strategy does have its own downsides: your name does need to be easy to spell, and easy to remember. Smith's Shoppe isn't going to win any awards. But Slackovich is way too hard to spell for the average American, and it could trigger some xenophobes into avoiding your shop. Though, you probably wouldn't want their business anyway.

Using your name for your shop is great as long as it's not too hard to remember or spell.

Make sure to have a brainstorming phase for your Etsy shop

You should not choose the first name that you come up with. It's better for your brand if you spend some time actually considering multiple Etsy shop name ideas before settling on a single one. Your online store needs a little bit of TLC, and no one comes up with the perfect name on the first try. You could even use an Etsy Shop Name Generator to get your creative juices flowing.

Spend some time thinking about ideas that would be perfect for your Etsy shop name, even if you don't feel like generating ideas. Just the act of brainstorming alone will get ideas flowing in your head.

Help me brainstorm!

You can brainstorm in a new location, if that helps. Sometimes, I find that I need to write stuff down, either on a whiteboard or in a notebook. I'll sit outside with my dogs while I brainstorm. I even set myself a number goal: I need to generate 15 good ideas before I start narrowing them down.

Set aside time specifically to brainstorm, and get a good quantity of names before trying to narrow them down.

How to narrow down your brainstorming

The best business names are also easy to spell. Using words that may be misspelled or misunderstood by different cultures is not an effective way to get your brand across or grow your own business. Etsy shop names should be memorable and easy to communicate with friends and family. Stay away from words with multiple pronunciations or spellings, and you'll save your shop name from a lot of pain and suffering.

When you're narrowing down your brainstorm, be sure to look at other Etsy shops out there. Do some searches on Google and on Etsy directly for Etsy shop names that are too similar to your own desired name for an Etsy shop. You don't want to be the Red River Co. if there's a Crimson River Co. that sells the same products. The name for your own Etsy shop needs to stand out.

I find that marking off my top three is a great way to narrow down – then I can survey friends and family to get the final choice. If you're feeling really creative, you could even do a “shop name bracket” with friends and family and see what comes out on top.

Check domain names and trademarks before you commit to an Etsy shop name

As you're trying to generate a good Etsy shop name, be sure to check out domain names for your business. Really popular words are sometimes already taken and people try to charge exorbitant fees for them. Changing a word can save you a lot of money.

Similarly, you should check the US PTO database before committing. Trademarks are even stronger than copyrights, and a trademark holder can make you completely change your own shop name if you're conflicting with their trademark. I'd hate for you to brainstorm some cute Etsy shop names and then not be able to use any of them.

When should I buy a domain name?

Domain names are easy to search for over on – I'd stay away from GoDaddy because they're a large company and their owner is a trophy hunter. If that doesn't bother you – go for it. Don't buy a domain name until you're absolutely sure though, because you'll be out $5-20 depending on what you do. And try your hardest to get the .com – they're still the most reputable and popular domain name choice.

Check domain names and trademarks to avoid heartbreak later on. Sometimes, a name simply isn't meant to be.

Etsy shop names that are just one word

If you can find a single word to use for your Etsy shop name, good work! The internet grows exponentially each year, so starting an Etsy shop with a single word title is impressive. The one-word shop is great for branding, as long as your business ideas are strongly linked to the brand. You can't just name your shop “Stickerjubilee” and then not sell stickers, you know? Interesting Etsy shop names are both memorable and relevant to the small business you're creating. Online shop names also tend to be your brand name, for ease in marketing.

I enjoy one-word shop names, but they're hard to find and use. If you can do it, go for it!

Get some advice from family and friends

No shop is complete without advice from family and friends. We all have blind spots, so bounce the name for your Etsy shop off of some people to see how they react. We may not see our own blind spots as we're choosing names. There are thousands of Etsy shop business names out there – how will you stand out?

Start an Etsy shop name brainstorm on your personal Facebook page. People love to “help” business owners when it doesn't cost them any money. Your store will benefit from soliciting naming ideas. Also, if you choose one from a friend or family, they'll feel extra special.

ask friends and family to help you pick a business name

Don't use JUST your name – seriously

Whatever you do, don't just use your own name. You shouldn't choose an Etsy shop name that is the same name as a famous person or place, either. Keep those creative shop juices flowing until you've got the perfect fit. “Sam's Shop” isn't going to win any awards, but “Wayne's Wayward Wood Workings” just might.

Your shop name will be the best it can be if you solicit advice from friends and family. They're neutral enough to be able to help you make a better choice.

Mix and Match Etsy Shop Name Ideas

Still need help with Etsy shop name ideas? Here are a few of our favorite Etsy shop name ideas that you can mix and match:

Shops with natural elements – add colors to these to make them stand out:

  • Fine Camp or Traditional Camp
  • River, Stream, or Creek
  • Gorge, Canyon, or Hollow
  • Mountain, Hill, or Peak

What about these descriptors for your Etsy store?

  • Handsewn
  • Handmade
  • Handcrafted
  • Artisan Store
  • Parisian Business

What about these suffixes for Etsy shop names?

  • Home-Based Business
  • Craft Business
  • Shoppe
  • Craftery
  • Place
  • Store

Do you want to sound bigger than you are?

  • Half Priced Warehouse
  • Charming Store Group
  • Place
  • Promenade
  • Trading Co.
  • Cooperative

What about other natural ideas?

  • Gems, Gemstones, Diamond, etc.
  • Wolf, Cougar, Bobcat, Bear
  • Badger
  • Cat / Kitty / Kitten
  • Dog / Pup / Specific Breed
  • Stone, Rocks, Boulder
  • Glacier, Ice, Snow, Rain, Thunder
  • Wood, Grove, Forest, Hamlet, Peninsula

What if I want to change my existing Etsy store name?

Your business name should be a reflection of the products you want to make and how you treat your customers. If your store has changed, then maybe it's time to find new name ideas. Maybe you can find something that fits your potential customers better. Or maybe you're just jealous of some cute Etsy store names you've seen and want to make sure that you can do it better.

If you really want to change your business name you'll need to update your store name, social media handles, any business emails or domain names, and everything else in between. Your business can survive a name change, but you'll want to communicate with your customers that your business name is changing. This is important so that they can find you when they want to buy again. You can use an email list, your business Facebook or Twitter, and even an Etsy shop announcement to make sure that your customers know.

It's good business practice to change your store name slowly, with references backwards for a few months so that folks know when Etsy shop names change, the business has not changed hands. Etsy shops are often starting up and shutting down, so staying in communication with your customers is key to running a great shop.

Strong branding leads to success

Your physical store and online shop experiences will all benefit when you have a strong brand name for your Etsy business. Etsy shop names are not the end-all be-all for business, but they can certainly influence your success. We hope that this guide has helped you pick out a few Etsy store names that will be great for your new business name. Shop names are frustratingly easy to generate, but hard to settle on just one. Especially if you love cute shop names.

Remember: if you're still not sure about your potential Etsy shop names, reach out to friends and family. They can help you choose the right business name for your audience. Your store front will be the first contact that customers have with your shop, so be sure to choose Etsy shop names that are strong, memorable, and fun for you to use.

the ultimate guide to picking your best etsy shop name

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