Marketing Strategies

Your art can be amazing, but without great marketing, you won’t sell online. Even ads can’t save you. Learn the best marketing strategies for your stickers and other craft businesses!

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How To Write Amazing Product Descriptions For Stickers


Understanding how to write amazing product descriptions for stickers, pins, or other items can be hard, but we're here to help. Let's get started!

your own website can be a game changer

HELP! How To Move From Etsy To Own Website


There comes a moment in every shop owner's life when they consider leaving Etsy. Moving from Etsy to your own website is a key step in growing your business.

facebook is a big social media trap

Avoiding A Social Media Trap For Your Small Business


The truth about social media for small businesses may surprise you. A social media trap is lurking in the shadows - here's what you can do to avoid it.