Artists who blog: should I keep a personal art blog?

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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On the internet, and for search engines, written word is king. If you take nothing else from this article, take this: if you're selling art online, you need your own blog. Here's why.

If you are even considering an art career, it's becoming increasingly important to have a blog. If you already have one or are thinking about starting one, there are some things you should know before you jump in headfirst.

This digital art has been put on an old manuscript page, adding some class to its subject.

Why do I need a blog?

Blogs are very popular right now because they keep people updated with the latest news from the thought leaders and artists that they love. Most professional artists have some sort of blog. It may serve as an artwork archive, it may help their customers connect with them. Maybe it's just some reflections about their contemporary art projects.

Whatever they are, you need one to be taken seriously as an artist. You can't rely on your friends or family's social networks alone to see the work of art that won first place in the school show, or recognize your paintings hanging in galleries across town.

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Art blogging helps you get discovered

One big reason you need an art block is because art lovers are out there, looking for you. When they find you, they want to know more. Maybe it's the first time they've come across your artwork, but chances are it won't be their last.

People easily get tired of looking at the same content over and over again. If you only post images on your blog that already exist somewhere else (say Flickr or Facebook), then they won't feel like they've gotten to know you. But your blog lets search engines, art collectors, and potential vendors all find you and understand your brand.

Collaborations with other artists

Another great reason to have an art blog is that it will let you get connected within the art industry. Having a block gives you an opportunity to do featured artists blogs, where you can interview other established artists. Artist interviews are a great way to bring in the qualified traffic you need: like art enthusiasts.

A blog also helps you generate leads for future art collaborations. You never know where a relationship might take you. But, if you have your own website with your bio and contact info on it, you'll make the other artist's job easier when they're looking to form a partnership around an upcoming show or project.

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How do I start my first artist blog post?

Styles of blogging have changed over the years, but basically, blogging is story telling. If you do street art, then you should start off sharing why you do street art. Art blogs tell the story of the artist and their art. So snap some great pics of your street art, and turn it into a story. Add a paragraph or two underneath each picture you take.

If it helps, you can think of your art blog as a long form Instagram post. Instead of posting it over a week, you'll just put them all together in a single post for your website.

Other frequently asked questions about an artist blog

Where should I host my art blogging efforts?

I believe that WordPress is a great, easy way to get started with your own website. If you've never done a website before, an affordable way to get started is NameCheap – my preferred hosting agency.

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Why is art business so challenging?

The art business is so much about exposure and marketing, that it feels impossible to make sales, especially as a self taught artist. You may have mastered the creative process, but art business advice is badly needed. It's like a whole new world.

Do I need an art business coach?

The truth is, no. You can learn everything you need to know about art business and marketing on your own. You don't need an art business coach at all – but they might help keep you on track.

Artists that do well in the online world like to write their own blog posts and tutorials because they know that information travels fast. The more content, the better! If you're really passionate about your work and want other people

How do I develop my own style for art blogging?

Style comes with time and a lot of trial and error. Maybe you just want to write about one thing that makes your art different from anyone else's. Or maybe you have a really quirky, unique process that people can learn from.

What kind of content should I be posting on my blog?

It's best to keep it simple by focusing on what you know and love in the art industry. Don't worry too much about what other artists are writing. Your artist blog needs to stand out, so make it a work of fine art.

What is the biggest mistake most artists make with their blogs?

Artists that blog tend to put off blogging, or they try to blog about everything. Artists either write too much or too little. Blogging works best with consistency, like any content marketing strategy. 

What kind of topics should I avoid on my personal art blog?

I would avoid things that are so far removed from creating art that people wonder why you've posted them. I'd also be really aware of my brand. If I dabble in contemporary art, railing against other artists is just a bad look. So don't do it.

Your art career will change through time, and the best art blogs do, too. That's ok. The important thing is to stay honest and on topic with your readers. An artist's success is about recruiting rabid fans and keeping them enchanted with your art. Learning to effectively sell art helps, too.

Does Social Media help or hurt my Art Blog?

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. You can use blogging tools like Hootsuite to post Instagram & Facebook photos directly onto your blog. But don't let yourself get too caught up in posting on social media that you neglect your art blog!

You need to constantly produce new content and build up your artwork archive to sell art. Your art career will flourish if you've got reliable social media.

If you're not that kind of artist, consider hiring graphic designers to help design your marketing materials and social media designs.

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