How To Upload Your Art On Pinterest

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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Your art business could probably benefit from Pinterest, one of the oldest visual search engines on the internet. Pinterest users continue to grow over time, making their own Pinterest boards and saving pins all over the place. Pinterest users with other social media accounts still spend a significant amount of time on their own Pinterest page, making it an ideal location for you – and your art – to find a home.

Whether you're printing your art at home or outsourcing it, getting the word out is key. In this quick guide, you'll learn why you should upload to Pinterest, and how you can do it easily and in some cases, automatically.

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How To Make A Pinterest Account For Your Business

You can have a personal Pinterest account, and a separate Pinterest business account. This is important if you're a Pinterest user, because you'll be able to separate your business Pinterest board and group boards from your personal Pinterest Group Boards.

Depending on whether or not you already have a Pinterest account, you may need to take different steps to make your business account. First, use any internet browser to login to Pinterest if you already have a personal account. Then, you can follow the instructions from Pinterest on how to create a linked business account.

If you're starting from scratch, you can just sign up for a business account like you would any other account. In either account type, you'll be able to create boards related to your art business, and even include art from other artists.

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How To Upload Your New Art On Pinterest

After you've got a Pinterest account, you can really just go about life as normal. If you're running an art blog, you should go ahead and make pins after publishing any new blog post. You can make them manually on Pinterest's website, or, use their plugin.

Their Chrome extension plugin is easy to use. It puts a little red “P” (their logo) over any image. If you click it, a pop up window will appear, giving you the chance to create as many pinterest pins from the content as you'd like.

Remembering to pin your art on Pinterest will be a great boon to your art business. If you're ready to advance though, you may consider using a Pinterest scheduling tool, joining a group board, or really building out your Pinterest page to reach the next level. As with any social media accounts, you'll need to spend time posting on the platform to get any benefit.

What are group boards?

A special feature of Pinterest is group boards. A group board is a place where other Pinterest users can also add to a Pinterest board. These boards are usually themed, have rules, and even moderators. But group boards also have big reach, so they're great for getting your art on Pinterest.

Should I use other social media platforms?

That really depends on your goals. Google search covers Pinterest boards pretty easily and will display your art business posts as online images. This is in contrast to Instagram, which rarely shares posts with Google at all. Pinterest is great for a search engine and organic discovery.

Instagram, in contrast, is really great for relationship building because it's more focused on comments and shares. Pinterest almost feels private in comparison because it's more focus on pinning regularly and personal collections.

I wouldn't use a Pinterest board exclusively, but it's a great start to make a few different boards and spend some time improving your Pinterest reach. It's also free, so why not? Pinterest is a great choice in a suite of marketing tools to sell your art. What other tools do you use?

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