My Creativity Is Gone! 6 Ways To Kindle Creative Spark

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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This can be a very unsettling issue for artists, writers and designers who are juggling creative projects. When you find out the muse has flown the coop, we're here to help. Creative thinking is a practice, not a give. There are proven ways to get your creative juices flowing and improve your creative process to avoid burn out and breathe fresh air into what you're creating.

If you're not sure what to do, we're here for you. Here are some great tips for continuing to make art even when you feel like you don't have a creative space anymore. Overcome your creative block by experimenting with new ideas, encouraging positive thought, and working within the bounds of your conscious mind. Ready? Let's get started!

1. Feeling burned out? Isolate yourself for a day or two.

When you're in a creative rut, it can be very demotivating when people around you won't leave you alone. It's hard to get your thoughts together when there is someone constantly asking for you to help them paint the fence or fix their computer. If this sounds like your life, take a day just to yourself. If you've got the extra cash, consider a solo trip to a cute Airbnb or a hotel a few towns over. Even just taking time to relax can help massage your creative spark back into life.

This is good advice for anyone, not just artists. Getting enough sleep is key to making art and enjoying life. You need to be well rested and in a good mood to make art. We all have so much artistic talent, we just need the energy to bring it out.

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2. Get your hands busy.

Do you find your mind wandering when you aren't being productive? Try something tactile with your hands to get creative juices flowing again. Instead of trying to make a comprehensive piece, just fill a page with geometric shapes or doodles. When your mind is free, it will automatically start making connections to your creative process.

The very act of creating will help you find creative inspiration. Creative energy comes when you're creating. So reconnect to your creative side by embracing bad habits, encouraging your inner child to take over, and just have some fun. Heck – do some finger painting. You don't have to sell or share everything you make.

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3. Acknowledge the signs of creative burnout

One tell tale sign that you're experiencing creative burnout is self doubt. You may think that you've lost touch with your audience or have completely forgotten how to create something compelling.

Nothing can crush creativity quicker than creative block and burn out. So if you're really burned out, then take a week off. See some live music, go visit art shows as a consumer and not as an artist. Be a good friend. And most of all – don't feel guilty that you're not producing art every moment of every day.

4. Get rid of rules that are holding you back

Sometimes, our subconscious take is that there are rules to art. When rules reign supreme, our creativity dries up. Clear your mind of any limiting beliefs. Clear out those filters and really let yourself have a blank slate to write on. Actively break the rules.

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5. Remind yourself why you started in the first place

If it seems like there was a time when everything went right, but now nothing is working – remind yourself why you started making art in the first place. What did you enjoy about your art and creative outlets? Do you have your own creative process that you've just stepped away from?

Listen to your inner voice. Cultivate your subconscious mind. Search out that new perspective that will let you cross the fine line back into your positive creative energy. Get some fresh air blown onto the creative work that you do.

6. Make it a daily practice, even if you hate it.

If a rest doesn't do the trick, then habit will. Get enough sleep, then dedicate fifteen minutes a day, come hell or high water, to your art. Don't force yourself to complete an art all in one sitting, but stretch it out. There's no such thing as a time limit for art.

If you want to quit making art, that's fine too. Life goes on and we're not going to cry over your quitting. So take a break. Get some fresh air and read a book or go out with friends.

Sometimes, just taking the pressure off of yourself for even twenty four hours can turn things around. Ultimately, your creative side is in control. So quit worrying about your creative block and just go explore new ideas. Have some fun. Life is short.

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