Marketing isn't all about social media. If you want a good marketing plan, you need ideas. We're here to help.
A FREE Beginner's Guide To Foolproof Art Marketing
Even if you started art because you love it, without marketing, you'll lose your ability to sell art. So, let's talk about an effective art marketing plan....
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How to get your art noticed in 2022
How do professional artists get their art noticed by art lovers and the art community? Here are some tips and tricks for breaking through....
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Artists who blog: should I keep a personal art blog?
For search engines, written word is king. If you take nothing else from this article, take this: if you're selling art online, you need your own blog....
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Social Media Platforms For Artists: What To Do In 2022
Nowadays there are literally hundreds of social media tools out there. So what can you do as an artist to make your art shine in the age of social media? ...
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How To Upload Your Art On Pinterest
In this quick guide, you'll learn why you should upload to Pinterest, and how you can do it easily and in some cases, automatically....
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Overcoming Mental Blocks: A How To Guide For Beginning Artists
We've all experienced this issue in our creative work: self doubt and mind blocks just prevent us from doing the work we want to do....
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My Creativity Is Gone! 6 Ways To Kindle Creative Spark
Here are some great tips for continuing to make art even when you feel like you don't have a creative space anymore. ...
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How to find your niche as an artist
Finding a niche as an artist is all about finding your voice, and expressing yourself in a way that is authentic and true to you. ...
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How do I create content for magazines?
It's real simple to develop content for your favorite magazine. Follow these tips to develop your own successful design or writing career....
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Why Does Bad Art Sell For So Much?
While there are a lot of theories out there to explain why certain artists or paintings sell at a record price, there's just not one uniform answer. ...
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5 Ways Artists Get Backlinks for Art Websites
Backlinks for artists are surprisingly simple if you have the patience and perseverance to get it done. Learn how to gain some backlinks for your art below....
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SEO for Artists: How To Rank On Google With Your Art
Getting on the first page of Google is all about good SEO for artists: written content, relevant and unique images, and great backlinks / referring URLs. ...
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