Marketing isn't all about social media. If you want a good marketing plan, you need ideas. We're here to help.
Why Does Bad Art Sell For So Much?
While there are a lot of theories out there to explain why certain artists or paintings sell at a record price, there's just not one uniform answer. ...
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5 Ways Artists Get Backlinks for Art Websites
Backlinks for artists are surprisingly simple if you have the patience and perseverance to get it done. Learn how to gain some backlinks for your art below....
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SEO for Artists: How To Rank On Google With Your Art
Getting on the first page of Google is all about good SEO for artists: written content, relevant and unique images, and great backlinks / referring URLs. ...
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4 Steps To Social Media For Your Small Business: How To Sell More, Quickly
In this article, we will examine how small business can use social media strategy to market themselves. There are many easy and powerful ways to make your business more visible on social media platforms!...
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I Or We: How To Talk About Your Business
Small businesses are often a one-person show. Yet, so many of us default to using "we" when referring to our business. Should you use I or We? -- Find out below! Unsure about whether to use "I" or "We"? You'll want to use "I" for craft businesses and individualized experiences. Use "We" when you nee...
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How To Write Amazing Product Descriptions For Stickers
Understanding how to write amazing product descriptions for stickers, pins, or other items can be hard, but we're here to help. Let's get started!...
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HELP! How To Move From Etsy To Own Website
There comes a moment in every shop owner's life when they consider leaving Etsy. Moving from Etsy to your own website is a key step in growing your business....
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How To Package Stickers For Etsy, Shopify, and More!
Ready to package stickers? Your packaging is the first thing your customer sees when they open your package. Do you want them to be amazed? Or disappointed?...
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Avoiding A Social Media Trap For Your Small Business
The truth about social media for small businesses may surprise you. A social media trap is lurking in the shadows - here's what you can do to avoid it....
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When You Should Buy A Shipping Label Printer
Buying a shipping label printer can help you speed up packaging and sending orders out - but is it right for you? We're here to help!...
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