The 14 Best Illustration Podcasts for Creative Professionals (2022)

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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If you're a creative professional, you know that staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends is essential to your success. That's why we've put together a list of the best illustration podcasts out there. These podcasts will give you insights into the world of illustration, from interviews with top professionals to tips on how to improve your work.

So whether you're a beginner or an experienced illustrator, these podcasts are sure to help you stay ahead of the curve! And remember: there are tons of podcasts out there. We try our best to keep this up to date, but podcasters may fizzle out over time. In any case, enjoy the latest episodes with the links below!

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Podcasts celebrating the creative process

The Pencil Pusher's Podcast is a love note to professional artists everywhere. Focusing on hand drawn art, Mike Rosado interviews other artists, art directors, and more in this classic hand-drawn art podcast.

The Self Taught Illustrator is an infrequent podcast, with quarterly instead of weekly episodes. But, Natasha Polozenko provies tips and tricks to help you create an illustration practice that you love. It's better than art school!

Podcasts about the art world

SCBWI is the podcast you didn't know you needed. Creative passion and talented artists dot this podcast about making art for children's literature and other young readers. Who knew picture books could be so fun?

The Creative Pep Talk Podcast features host Andy J. Miller giving you some inspired advice about how to create art. Each episode features insights into art history, art reps, the art business, and more.

Podcasts about freelance illustration

Adventures in Design” is a podcast that celebrates a creative career. The podcast focuses on the culture of professional artist groups like graphic designers. It's a great way to hear the inside scoop on graphic design and other art movements. You'll hear from other artists and maybe even learn a little bit along the way.

Illustration Hour is hosted by illustrator Julia Dufossé, and features a variety of industry professionals and successful illustrators as they go about their work. The creative work is outstanding, and so this one ranks among our top podcasts.

Podcasts featuring emerging creatives

The Illustration Department Podcast is a great interview podcast too. Giuseppe Castellano talks to may people in creative fields about their careers, their work, and other aspects of the art world.

A business doing a podcast? Yep. The Handsome Frank illustration podcast is available wherever podcasts are to be had, and it features real professionals, art school graduates, and you know – people who work there. If you want to hear a real live illustrator talking, you've come to the right place.

Podcasts about oil painting and watercolors

Are you into plein air painting? Try the PleinAir Podcast! This podcast showcases the outdoor painting movement and the quirky, fun reality of the outdoor art world.

Dave the Painting Guy might the creative person you need to get your juices flowing. “Paintcasting” since 2008, Dave promises that his podcast is more fun than watching paint dry. We'll see!

Our choice for best art podcasts & profitable freelance business

3 Point Perspective: An art business podcast. It's a great choice if you want to listen to Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker talk about illustration and everything that comes along with it.

I love “The Creative Condition” because it mixes the art with the creatives. It's a long form interview podcast and it really helps other creative professionals shine. If you're in the creative fields, you have to give it a listen.

Chris Oatley's Visual Storytelling Podcast was a great business-oriented podcast that talks about the creative journey alongside the more practical art business side of things.

Make it then tell everyone” follows illustrator Dan Berry as he teaches kids about comics and lectures adults about them, too. It's a great inside look at the comic artists' world. It gives an inside look at the animation industry, too.

Final thoughts

Did we miss your favorite art podcast? Do you have YouTube channels you prefer instead? Let us know in the comments below which podcasts are your top artists podcasts. We'll add them to the list!

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