Wix Website Hosting: What You Need to Know

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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If you're looking for a great way to create a website, Wix is a popular choice. But what do you need to know about Wix website hosting? In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of Wix hosting and how it works. We'll also cover some of the pros and cons of using Wix for your website. So if you're considering using Wix to host your website, read on for more information!

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How long does it take to set up Wix?

I'll be honest with you: I think I'm going to have half of this article written before the Wix Website Builder loads for me. I only selected two modules – blog and store – and yet, fifteen minutes later, I'm still stuck on a loading screen.

I'm sure Wix is great to set up your own website if you're afraid up the customization that tools like WordPress offer. But if you're looking for speedy, I'd consider heading out to Starbucks after you start the setup for the Wix Editor. It's gonna take a while.

Does Wix offer website hosting?

Yes. Wix is a website builder and hosting platform. You can create and publish your website on Wix for free, but if you want to use your own domain name (like “yourname.com”), you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Wix offers four different paid plans, each with different features and pricing.

AS of right now, those four plans are WIP ($45/mo), Pro ($27/mo), Unlimited ($22/mo), and Combo ($16/mo). The things that differ are video storage hours, storage space, analytics, and customer support like helping you design a professional logo. Every paid plan comes with:

  • Removing Wix ads
  • A domain free for a year
  • A free SSL certificate

Cons of using Wix for a free website

Free Wix sites are easily identifiable because they do have ads, and they do not have a custom domain (like StickerCrypt.com). Now, with any website builder like Wix, you're both paying for AND constrained by their site builder. If the Wix website builder doesn't offer a feature that you need, you'll have to completely rebuild your Wix website on some other platform.

It's a good place to start, especially for quick and easy site creation. But you'll need to start paying Wix if you want to appear professional to your potential customers. Without a custom domain name, you're just a face in the crowd of weird, semi-scammy websites.

Do I need unlimited bandwidth?

Unless you're TikTok famous – probably not. Art websites get decent traffic, but you're not going to run Yahoo's Lifestyle website over here on Wix. The Wix editor is meant for simple Wix websites that are either blogs, video courses, or other simple websites. They're a decent web host for simple things, but if you plan to grow in complexity, look elsewhere.

Can I use other site builders on Wix?

No, not really. The entire value of Wix is tied up in the Wix editor. If you want to use other builders, you might as well just go with one of those instead. Wix is a simple website builder that's easy to use, but it doesn't offer much in the way of customization or complex features.

So there you have it! Those are the basics of Wix website hosting. If you're looking for a simple way to get your website up and running quickly, take a look at Wix websites. They might get the job done for you faster than trying to pursue your own web hosting or building your website on something like WordPress.

Should I use the Wix website builder?

That's entirely up to you. I've had clients approach me, frustrated by the Wix website builder. They've sunk hours into the Wix website builder only to find that the product couldn't do what they wanted it to do. They reach out to me (a web developer) to try and get more SEO features and functionality onto their websites.

But others? They're perfectly fine with a Wix site. It gets the job done, it looks pretty, and they don't mind paying a premium in exchange for peace of mind. So if you just need a simple, couple page website to showcase your art, why not give Wix a try? It's free to start!

P.S. – don't worry. The Wix Website Builder has still not loaded for me! Hopefully in my next Wix article, I'll be able to build a free website so that you can see how long it takes and what it can produce. Until next time, readers!

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