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Painting Success: Understanding the difference between painting for fun and painting for money


Discover the nuances between painting for fun and painting for money in our latest blog post. Explore the benefits, challenges, and personal fulfillment associated with each approach.

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How To Automate Your Business and Side Hustles


We are living in the age of automation. Automation can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize your time. But it's not just for big businesses anymore. Small companies and side hustles can easily automate tasks to make their operations run smoother.

Survey Says: Avoid Thank You Stickers for Your E-Commerce Orders (And Do This Instead)


When you receive a package in the mail, one of the first things you notice is the sticker on it. ...

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How do I get make an eco-friendly package system for my online small business?


As an online small business owner, you're always looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact. One way to do ...

How to Sell Prints of Your Photography: Tips and Tricks


Are you wondering how to sell prints? Photography prints are an easy way to sell the same image over and ...

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How to Start an Online Art Gallery: Tips and Tricks for Success


Are you an artist looking for a way to showcase your work to the world? Or are you a business ...

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What is the name painting online art business like?


Custom paintings of names are increasingly popular across many sites and the world. With a good title and great brand, ...

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How To: Do Artists Need a Website? Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Website


There are pros and cons to having a site when you're in the art business. On one hand, it can ...

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The Best Places To Sell Art Online


Selling art online is a great, low-cost way to get your art in front of art collectors and art lovers all around the world.

Overcoming Mental Blocks: A How To Guide For Beginning Artists


We've all experienced this issue in our creative work: self doubt and mind blocks just prevent us from doing the work we want to do.

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