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10 Profitable Cricut Ideas To Sell Right Now

So you got a Cricut Maker for Christmas? Or maybe you're finally ready to move your Cricut machine from a Cricut crafts adventure to a real Cricut business? This is the place for you! We're taking a look at the best selling Cricut Projects (2022). We'll review the most profitable Cricut business projects and Cricut money makers that we know so that you can start your Cricut business off on the right foot. Let's get started.

The best Cricut projects to sell are those that take minimal time and skill, so that they can be scaled easily. Being able to sell more quickly is always a great goal for a Cricut craft business. Read on to find out more.

What business can I start with a Cricut machine?

Your Cricut Maker is perfect for creating and selling Cricut projects to your friends, family, and even strangers. Cricut machines are so versatile, especially when you're looking to sell crafts and own your own business. Let's go through some of the biggest categories of potential ways to sell Cricut crafts.

the Cricut maker is great for business

Quickest Cricut Projects To Make And Sell

What can I make with a Cricut machine to sell? If you need to make a profit quickly, these projects are where it's at. Selling Cricut crafts doesn't need to be about layers upon layers of complexity. The fact is that you have a Cricut machine that can make intricate cuts in any thin material. This makes it great for custom projects for friends, family, and strangers. That's why we believe that simple Print And Cut crafts are the winner of this category.

Winner: Small Batches of Business Cards Or Greeting Cards

We all have that friend who keeps trying to start a business. They don't always want to shell out a lot of money for business cards - so why not help them out? Simple card stock Print and Cuts are among the most profitable Cricut business projects out there. You can fit 6-12 business cards per printable page, depending on your chosen size and shape.

All you need is a good card stock, printer, and your Cricut Maker. It'll only cost you a little bit of time, a piece of card stock, and ink. You can charge whatever you'd like, but my guess is that if you undercut major places like Vistaprint, you'll be golden.

The same concept can be applied to custom greeting cards. You'll only be able to do one or two per page, but the Cricut Maker is perfect for note cards, Christmas cards, and birthday cards. Again, you're only out some paper, time, and ink. You can even use the scoring tool to make folding easier.

business cards and other printables on a table

Runner Up: Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers ended up as the runner up because frankly, there's just a little bit more design work here. And you may not have sticker paper, especially vinyl sticker paper, on hand. So there's just a bit more investment here before you can turn a profit.

Stickers are a classic print and cut project. You can fit 6 3x3" stickers on one print and cut page, and about 12 2x2" stickers if you want to go smaller. You can even do planner stickers as sets for teachers and students. What you choose to make stickers of is up to you - but there are plenty of opportunities for selling.

Most Profitable Cricut Projects To Make And Sell At Craft Fairs

Winner: Jewelry

Jewelry is perfect to make and sell at craft fairs, and your Cricut machine can help you do it. With the Cricut Maker, you can cut leather jewelry into interesting and unique designs to sell. You can also use your Cricut machine to supplement other jewelry techniques like beading and wire work.

You'll need to know a few things to make leather earrings and handmade crafts like these successful, but it's worth it. It's also pretty seasonal, so you can craft ideas all winter in preparation for summer craft fairs.

leather jewelry can be a great seller

Runner Up: Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Decor is all the rage right now, and you'd be missing a huge opportunity if you didn't consider this angle for your Cricut crafts. There are so many Cricut business tutorials out there for farmhouse wall decor and wall art - but the designs are still unique enough to be eaten up by buyers.

The other benefit of selling farmhouse decor locally is size. It's just plain hard to ship heavy or wood projects, so running your Etsy shop on farmhouse stuff can be really challenging. Selling locally, either at craft fairs or in local Facebook groups, is a way to avoid having to deal with shipping altogether.

Best Cricut Projects To Make And Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Winner: Custom T-Shirts

Everyone loves custom shirts, and with the explosion of online suppliers, it's easy to get started. You can even get the heat transfer vinyl and blank t-shirts that you need right at your local Wal-Mart. You'll also need an iron, Easy Press, or heat press - depending on your budget.

Custom shirts are great for kids sports, fundraisers, churches, and more. Keep your designs to one color to avoid it becoming a huge time suck.

woman with custom t shirt

Runner Up: Painted Signs or Wood Signs

Most people don't think of wood when they think of Cricut Crafts, but it can be an easy project to make. The most expensive piece is the wood itself. Then, you can use vinyl itself (or as a stencil for paint) to decorate your wood sign. If you have the Cricut Maker, you can even cut small wood appliques to give your sign some dimensions.

Wood or painted signs are great for home decor, wedding decor, and gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. In other words - they're a great, year-round Cricut business.

Best Cricut Projects To Make And Sell Online

Winner: Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are really popular to sell on Etsy as a Cricut business because they're easy to make and ship. You can customize with just a little bit of effort. The only real hiccup is getting your customers to understand how to apply vinyl decals to various surfaces. But as long as you include great instructions, most of your customers should be happy.

Print And Cut stickers are also in this category, but we already named them as a winner up above!

vinyl decals on a car

Runner Up: Wall Art

Wall art can be a bit challenging to ship if you're sending it framed, but it's a good Cricut business idea and there are loads of options out there. You could use heat transfer vinyl on canvas, wood, or glass. You could make shadow boxes or complex paper crafts. Really, the sky is the limit on this Cricut business idea.

Make sure that when you're selling Cricut projects like these, your pictures are on point. You'll be competing against other artists who also make and sell similar items, so you need to stand out to earn your extra money.

Best Seasonal Cricut Projects To Sell Online

Winner: Wedding Decor

If you don't mind the seasonality of it, wedding decor is a huge category within Cricut project to sell. These profitable Cricut projects range from Cricut cake toppers and wedding decor to customized invitations, envelops, centerpieces, and more.

Just be aware that most weddings happen in the summer, so your kids will be enjoying the pool while you toil away for the future Mr. and Mr. Smith.

Woman in white floral dress kissing woman in white dress

Runner Up: Christmas Ornaments

The final set of Cricut projects to sell are Christmas ornaments. You can be making money to the max between Halloween and Christmas if you're selling ornaments, decorations, cards, tags, or really, anything Christmas themed. These projects to sell are great to supplement another seasonal crafting business - like wedding decor!


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