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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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Are you curious about the marketing of art? Selling your art online can be a challenging endeavor, but not all is lost. There are creative ways that you can market your art business while staying true to your brand and identity in the art world.

Art marketing is important because it allows artists to sell their work to a wider audience. It also helps to create a name for the artist and their work, which can lead to future opportunities. Marketing also allows art lovers to discover new and exciting artwork that they may not have otherwise known about.

Even if you started art because you love it, without marketing, you'll lose your ability to sell art. So, let's talk about an effective art marketing plan, and what you can do to keep selling art.

Can I have an art career without worrying about marketing?

It's possible to have an art career without worrying about marketing, but it will be much more difficult. Marketing is important because it allows artists to sell their work to a wider audience. It also helps to create a name for the artist and their work, which can lead to future opportunities.

Marketing also allows art lovers to discover new and exciting artwork that they may not have otherwise known about. Without marketing, it will be much more difficult for artists to make a living from their art. I know marketing can feel like a dirty word, but it will make your art career explode.

Do I need an artist website?

Yes, you absolutely need an artist website. It will allow people to see your artwork and follow the progress of your growth.

A website is a great way for potential clients to find you and learn about what you do. Websites also offer galleries so clients can see your work in one click. If someone likes what they see online, they can contact the artist and buy the work without any fuss or worries–they'll know exactly where to go when it's time to buy art from that particular person again!

There are affordable websites available which give artists professional-looking portfolios in minutes–allowing artists like yourself to take their career online with ease!

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How can I get my art noticed?

There are a few things you can do to get your art noticed. For starters, make sure your artwork is high quality and well-made. You can also try exhibiting your work in local galleries or online galleries. You can also create a portfolio or website to showcase your artwork. If you make digital art, you can share it on special online platforms.

Additionally, you can write about your art and post it on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Finally, you can enter art competitions and awards shows.

Of these, it's probably easiest to get started with social media marketing. It's free to start with social media marketing, and your social media presence can indicate a quality, active artist.

As you start working on social media marketing, you'll need to avoid some pitfalls. It can be a big time suck without a big payoff. So, be smart about where you're putting your artwork online.

The big list of art marketing ideas for beginning artists

So, you're ready to get started, but you're not quite sure how. You know marketing is important, but it feels overwhelming. That's ok. Let's work on your artist's brand, and you can try a few different things until you find what works.

Quick art marketing tips for your art online

The quickest way to get a few art sales is to market art on popular social media channels. In 2022, popular social media for the art community is: Instagram and TikTok. Video is king in 2022, so be prepared to become an amateur videographer. Facebook, Deviant Art, and Pinterest are also worth a look. Pinterest is really great because it's a visual search engine.

Art blogs are another way to get your fine art in front of potential art buyers. Art websites are great because they offer qualified traffic: people who know they like art. This is why many professional artists have their art online.

Many gallery owners also have online art blogs that will let you do a guest post to feature your online portfolio. Ask your local gallery owner what they're looking for in working artists, and how you might contribute to their success.

Quick art marketing tips for your art offline

Anyone can apply to join art exhibitions, and many times, organizers are excited to have new artists. Check with other artists and join artist organizations to find new opportunities to promote your art.

An art competition is similar to an exhibition, and it's a great way to build your personal brand. We can give you all the tips in the world, but getting involved in an upcoming exhibition or contest is going to give you a big chance in front of your target audience. More exposure will lead to more sales.

Other art marketing tips for your art business

Your art business will succeed if you can master search engines. Search engines seem scary, but really, most art marketing tips revolve around getting your art in front of your audience. Your online portfolio will be useless if you can't figure out what your audience is searching for.

Is it “Elephant art”? Is it “fine art painting of endangered elephant”? You are the best at identifying which keywords will help you in selling art online. Spend some time browsing free resources on SEO and sharing your artwork online: it will only help you.

Finally, if you can connect a cause to your art, you'll find many benefits. If you paint puppies, consider how to raise awareness for your local shelter. It's self promotion, yes, but it's also a way for you to build awareness of your issue and your work.

Browse our other resources on art marketing and SEO to get a deeper understanding of how many artists use marketing with their work – and how you can, too!

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