How to get your art noticed in 2022

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Written By Sam Davis Ph.D.

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The art world is an exciting place. There's a lot going on, and it's evolving rapidly. The internet has caused a lot of change in the way art gets noticed— social media is the first place people go to look for new work, and online galleries have opened up a whole world of fresh opportunities for getting your art out there.

In this article we're going to take a look at how professional artists – like you – can get their art noticed by art lovers and the art community. Here are some tips and tricks for breaking through the barrier and standing out against your fellow artists.

How to get your art noticed: community art projects

Community art projects like murals, installations, or public galleries are a great artist promotion strategy. This is because they give your art a much larger platform for people to see it, and make the art world feel more accessible.

Getting involved in community projects can be done at any stage of your artistic career—there are no restrictions on who can get involved. It's great for artists working towards their first exhibition, as well as those with art in an art gallery already.

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How to get your art noticed: Art competitions

Art competitions have been around for centuries, and are a great way to show off your work. It can be an effective artist promotion strategy when it's done well.

This is because a lot of art competitions will provide you with a platform to get your artwork in front of a large number of potential buyers. If you win, then you'll even get some media coverage. What a great way to get your artwork noticed!

How to get your art noticed: Film and TV Projects

Having art featured in Film and TV projects is a great advert for your work.

It's also perfect for artists who are trying to break into the big time – even if you don't win, having your art seen by millions of people can be exactly what makes someone take notice. It gives them an insight into the sort of thing you do.

A great example of this type of artist promotion campaign is in advertising for art tablets. Recent commercials for both the iPad and the Microsoft Surface showcase other artists rocking out and making art. It shows their creative process and opens up a conversation for the product being sold, too.

An art gallery is an easy way to get your art noticed – especially for artists who want their work to be seen by the public.

Galleries aren't just full of paintings and sculptures, they're also showcases for new ideas and conversations that need a space to happen in. Galleries sell original pieces as well as signed prints and photos, which gives your customers a chance to get their toes wet.

Plus, gallery owners are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. Not every art gallery is meant for fine art, so don't restrict yourself. The art world is diverse, and you're sure to get your art notices at the right art gallery.

How to get your art noticed: Art marketing

Marketing is a great way for you to get your art in front of new eyes. Here are a few places you can market your art online.

Etsy is a great place to sell digital, physical, and handmade goods. It allows buyers to find what they're looking for at their own pace, which means that artists have the chance to showcase multiple pieces of art.

Blogs are another way to get your work out there. Running an artist website is an easy way to do more art marketing. You can show your process, do mini art exhibitions, and even get your work noticed by new audiences. All your efforts should be documented on an art blog.

How to get your art noticed: Run an art show

Don't just be a participant, be the organizer. There are too many examples of times when new artists have sat passively by and wondered why their art isn't selling. Successful artists are go-getters: they make an art event happen.

Having your own art shows is a quirky, fun art project that also helps with art promotion. So gather your local artists and do some peer to peer promotion. Rent out a studio space and host your own art show. What do you have to lose?

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How to get your art noticed: partner with a local nonprofit

Get your art noticed by working with a nonprofit. Local non profits need creative collaborations and can benefit from cultural events on their fundraising calendars.

Getting involved is as simple as contacting the local arts council and partnering up on an event that works for both parties. You'll get to do some art marketing, they'll raise some money for good causes. Animal welfare, housing security, and racial justice are all hot topics and great for issue based art.

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